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Ghost OG Dankwoods


Ghost OG Dankwoods is just one of the many strains which originated from OG Kush but this is loved for its balanced cerebral and body effects. This strain has won itself awards and it’s renown among customers.


Even though this is just another strain from the OG kush lineage, many believe for this to be the mother strain from OG kush. It came from a forum known as OverGrow where a forum member by the screen name of OrganKid passed the cut to another form member by the screen name name Ghost, which was the birth of this strains name.

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-This weed after smoking, will leave you relaxed
-It will as well relieve you of any pain
-It will as well improve symptoms of anxiety
-It will as well make you have a large appetite

Negative Effects

-Dry Eyes is one of the negative effects widely witnessed
-Dry mouth is another Effect

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When shopping at Dankwoods, our main objective is making sure customers are Safe. Dankwoods has been established since 2017 and have experienced approximately 100% success rate from us simply because we are an active and certified member of PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America). We are simply here to provide the best quality of products from Cannabis department.

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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Ghost OG

  1. Arthur Le Rouge

    I love this entire site…very well written and informative…thank u for sharing your knowledge. Perfect list with tons of details!!

  2. Stacy Zanzi

    One of my if not the favorite strain I have tasted❤️

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